Friday, November 03, 2006

The St. Petersburg hotels

The St. Petersburg hotels are traditionally divided according to their level and quality of services. The most wide-spread are 3-star hotels, and there is a great deal of them in St. Petersburg. The most fascinating thing about them is their price, which is much lower comparing with that of the other groups of hotels in spite of the fact that the hotels conditions are of a good quality, and there are all the necessary appliances. In the rooms one can find everything needed for a great and comfortable rest.

Friday, April 28, 2006

About Sexual Atraction

Why does a man seek the company of a woman? Because of vernalagnia as now when her agnuopiac belgard stimulates his brachycraspedoniac altocalciphilia, when her dishabilloerigesis arouses his bemascopia and ximelolagnia.
(Hahaha! For the word meanings you may consult There's A Word For It! by Charles Elster. In the library or book store for $22 is this invaluable vademecum for choice, apt, uncommonly good, useful words.)
Why else is a man attracted to a woman? Because of her callimazonian colpocoquette mazotropism enticing a man's callicolpian schizoscopia and his geneclexis when perceiving her coxinutant quatopygia. then he could be compelled to cingulomania when she is an active arctophilist, appreciating her callibombe callimammapygian, arcurate, obcordate quatopygia in her chorotripsic cordax.
Albeit she may be timotrudiac and typhlobasiac or even acedolagniac, she sings glorious laryngeal sounds, no catabank busker she, which arouse his melolagnia and cheiloproclitia to their mutually consequential philemalagnia and deep-throated catlaglottism. Her rubiginous tresses also excite his dormant tricoerethism.
What accounts for her response to his attraction to her? Her hemerotism and prenuptiophrenia when lucubrating. And his romantic anthorexia without agonophilia, his respectful abrophrenia, and protracted, paphian fawnicating of her protuberances. His thoughtful lagnodomnia, notwithstanding her haptepronia, his earlier request for pudent, discinctophiliac, lygerastical photographs.
Her response is furthered by her paneunia for recumbofavia, without necessarily being succubovalent, and even for orthostatic subagitation and amomaxia, proactively toward deupareuniac lagnolysis. Her hoyden joy from his philocalist gynotikolobomassophilia. Her pliant, concupiscent pompatus would consummate pruriently in incalescent coitalconatus, labially exuding, exuberate in succubovalent copulescence. His esperance to cherish his poplolly lovingly and his tentigo are reasons he seeks her comitive company in nullimita assignation for her ecdemolagnia.

There must be fifty ways to please your lover
She said it's really not my habit to instruct you
Furthermore, don’t think my statements mean I don’t love you
But I'll repeat myself at the risk of being left unused
There must be fifty ways to please your lover
Fifty ways to leave please your lover
Just give it a smack, Jack
Then give it a pat, Pat
It smells like a coy, Roy

Monday, March 20, 2006

Our Fantasy

My wife and I are in our early thirties. Claire is a beautiful blonde, around five foot two, large breasts and fantastic legs. Our sex sessions involve a lot of fantasy discussion, mainly around the idea of another man joining us and fucking Claire.
Our story starts a couple of months back when Claire surprised me in the bedroom wearing a very flimsy pair of black see through knickers and black high heels. She pushed me onto the bed and started licking my nipples and rubbing my crotch. She soon had my cock free from my boxer shorts and was stroking the shaft whilst our tongues slipped in and out of each other's mouths. She rolled onto her back, spread her legs and with a wanton look in her eye said, "Eat me." She looked so hot in her sexy heels and her knickers dragged to one side, exposing her wet pussy lips. Without hesitation I moved my head between her legs and ran my tongue up and down her slit. I love eating her pussy, especially when she is so wet and slippery. Pushing her legs wide apart, I stuck my tongue deep into her cunt. She was moaning and telling me how good it felt. I paused to tell her it would be even better with her sucking on something while I ate her out.
"Ooh yeah, baby, a long hard cock slipping in and out of my mouth," she replied. "You'd like that, wouldn't you" she gasped, "to see your wife sucking another man's cock. Licking and kissing his helmet, stroking his balls dangling over my face, running my tongue the length of his shaft."
I could tell she was really getting into the fantasy by now. Her fingers were rubbing over her clit and my tongue had traveled down to her arsehole, poking in and out of her back passage.
"Ooh Steve, he's playing with my nipples, pulling on them while he fucks my mouth with his pole. What a cock, I have to have it between my legs. I want his cock in my cunt, fucking me hard, while you watch."
I moved up the bed and placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. "Here he goes baby," I said and plunged my cock deep into her fuck tunnel.
"God, I'm a naughty wife, letting this bloke fuck me while you watch. And you're a dirty bastard letting him fuck your wife," she moaned. I thrust hard in and out of her slippery pussy, enjoying the sensation, heightened by the words spilling from her lips.
"I can feel him right inside me, filling my cunt. He's obviously turned on by a blonde wife spreading her legs for him. I think next time I'll wear stockings and suspenders for him. Do you mind darling, can I dress up in a tarty outfit for him? Can I rub my nyloned legs over his back while he shafts me? Oh god, he wants to fuck me on all fours."
I slipped out of her and she turned over onto her hands and knees. The idea of a bloke fucking my wife in this position made me even hornier and I buried my cock back in her pussy.
"Do you like that," I groaned. "Do you want to be fucked from behind by a different cock?"
"Oh god, yes," she moaned, "I want you to watch me getting banged royal by some stud. I want you to watch me pushing back onto his cock, hear me moan and tell him how good it feels. I want to feel his hands all over me, fingering my pussy and arse, pinching my nipples."
I grabbed hold of her hips and thrust in and out with a steady rhythm, the tops of my thighs slapping against her arse cheeks. My cum was ready to explode.
"Oh yeah," I cried, "he's close and he's going to come all over your arse."
I pulled my cock from her pussy and fisted furiously over the sight of her sexy arse.
"You dirty bastard," she cried, "letting him come on your wife." With that I fired streams of spunk onto her arsecheeks. She stayed like that, her arse in the air, legs spread, spunk dripping down.
"Now eat me," she said. Surprised but turned on I lapped at the sticky mess between her cheeks.
"Mmm," she moaned, "you like that, cleaning me up after some stud has fucked me. Perhaps we'll have to arrange it." She looked over her shoulder at me. "Want to give it a go for real," she asked. I murmured my consent, too busy licking to speak.

I pulled my cock from her pussy and fisted furiously over the sight of her sexy arse.
"You dirty bastard," she cried, "letting him come on your wife." With that I fired streams of spunk onto her arsecheeks. She stayed like that, her arse in the air, legs spread, spunk dripping down.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


He felt the heat of her body and the softness of her breasts as she gently pressed against him. They were in the bird section of the natural history museum, where they had gone at her suggestion in their lunch break. He again felt the pressure of her body, this time he was sure he could feel the hardness of her nipple against his bare arm. He couldn't believe this contact was accidental. It had been her idea to have lunch together, and he had agreed, but with no thought of sex.
But here they were, she rubbing her breasts suggestively, but so, so gently against him, and he confused, aroused and unsure how to respond. She was his new colleague, and he was in a relationship. He tried to talk about the exhibits, but she displayed no interest in what was around them. Rather, she smiled and stayed close. The museum, in an out of the way section of the university, was deserted apart from themselves and the curator at the other end of the gallery. Along with the hardness of her nipple pressing against his arm, he could feel his own hardness starting to push against his shorts.
They moved further along the aisle into a darker section. As they walked her hand brushed against his. But still there was no explicit acknowledgement of the charged atmosphere between them. She smiling and talking about herself and her job, he wondering how the situation would develop and if she was just flirting outrageously or really wanted sex.
At the insect cabinet she stopped and pointed to a large colourful butterfly on the bottom shelf. He bent to see it more clearly, and felt her hands caress his arse. He stayed still, rigid everywhere. Her hands moved slowly around to the front of his shorts, feeling for his erection. He was unnerved, but had never felt so aroused. He could feel her breath on his neck as she bent forwards and rested herself on his back, pushing herself close, he could feel the pressure of her breasts through his thin shirt. She found the zip of his shorts with one hand, while her other hand gently rubbed him through the material of his shorts.
He didn't know what to do. He wanted to turn round and take control, but the feeling of her hand on his penis, and her body pressed against his, was so erotic that he was unable to move. She opened his zip and drew his stiff prick out of his pants. He tried to reach behind to touch her, but she pushed his hands away, so he reached forwards instead and steadied himself against the cabinet. She began to move her body against his as she rubbed him faster and harder. One hand on his prick, the other caressing his balls. She wanked him expertly, the rhythm, the pressure, every part of him tingled and tensed as he approached closer and closer to climax.
But she squeezed the base of his prick. blocking his cum. He'd never felt an orgasm building from so deep inside him before. The sensation was almost painful as his pick throbbed, his insides contracted, his arms threatened to let him fall forward, and moans escaped his throat. He could feel the whole journey of his spunk as it finally burst out of his balls, up his stiff prick, and out past her wanking hand. She moved the hand from his balls to in front of his squirting cock, catching as much as she could while continuing to rub him hard with her other hand. He moaned louder, his legs trembled, his muscles spasmed, he nearly collapsed to the floor
He couldn't take any more rubbing. He was too sensitive and spent. He asked her please to stop. Please, no more. She stopped moving her hand up and down, and instead used his prick to pull him round to face her. She looked him straight in the eyes and brought her cum filled hand to her mouth and licked. He could see her tongue covered in his cum as she lapped it from her cupped hand.
He'd never had an experience like this. First the most explosive orgasm, from which he was still trembling. And now she was eating his seed, her eyes fixed on his. She lowered herself to her knees, rubbed her cum stained hand on his prick, then began to lick and suck it clean. All the time never breaking eye contact. finally, she removed her mouth and hands from him, smiled, and simply said, "now, how about some lunch."

It is a hot summers night. A cloudless sky above Zandra allows the stars in the sky above to shine through her open window and cover her in a blanket of twinkling lights. She lay's there on top of her bed, in just a white transparent nightgown, thinking of the stranger she met the other night. His strong arms, handsome face, muscular body, all make her shiver with excitement from the thought.
Zandra can feel his lips on hers as they kiss deeply. His passionate lips slowly working their way over her chin to her neck. He lightly nibbles her neck, causing all kinds of feelings to flood over her. His hands slowly caress her body through her nightgown, sending shivers of pure pleasure all through her. At twenty-one Zandra had never been sexual with a man, she was saving herself for just the right guy, or so she thought. She closes her eyes and lays back and enjoys his attention to her body.
He slides his hands up the sides of her gown, then across the front. Slowly his powerful and masculine hands cup her breasts. Zandra's breath catches in her throat as for the first time he begins rubbing and caressing her hard nipples. She feels the warmth between her legs start to increase as he slowly slides her nightgown up over her arms then her neck until it is lying on the bed above her. She feels the warmth of his mouth and the softness of his tongue slowly working across her breast. He reaches the nipple of one of her breasts and gently begins flicking it with his tongue while one hand caresses the other breast and gently tweaks the nipple, sending waves of pleasure through Zandra.
He takes her nipple in his mouth and gently nibbles on it for a moment before beginning to suck on it. His hand continues to caress and excite her other nipple, causing her to shudder from the excitement. His other hand slowly works its way down across her belly, stopping to tease her belly button before sliding down across her finely trimmed mound, of golden pubic hair. His fingers begin to explore her nether regions, teasing her pussy's lips, occasionally his fingers slide across her hard clit, making her shudder at the thought of things yet to come.
His mouth switches to her other breast and begins sucking on that nipple while his hand goes to explore and tease the breast and nipple his very talent mouth just left. Zandra feels as if she could explode right now, from the pleasure but knows she has to hold off, because then the orgasm will be even more intense. His other hand slowly parts the lips of her pussy, causing a small bit of her juices to escape. He slowly and maddeningly slides a single finger up inside her, up where no one else has ever been before. Zandra feel his finger lightly brush against her enraged clit and feel the first stirrings of the upcoming orgasm build deep inside her.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Making Love To A Woman
I don't know how we found each other but we did. You look beautiful. Your long hair cascading over your shoulders and brushing lightly against your wonderful breasts. Your breathing caused them to rise slightly. I cant help but step back and take you all in. My eyes follow the lines of your body, the curves of your hips, the muscle tone of your legs your painted toenails. Your red pubic hair trimmed just right in a perfect triangle. I could stare at you all night, your beauty entrances me, but it isn't fair to leave you there waiting.
I walk to you, kissing you softly on the lips. I turn you around slowly and gently getting a great look at your perfect back leading to your rear end jutting out just the right amount. I kiss your neck and shoulders while caressing your lower back. Moving lower my kisses trail down your spine, now caressing your rear end. I feel your body shudder and I become even more turned on. I begin to kiss first your left then your right cheek, rubbing your legs the whole time. Moving down I kiss the outside and back of your thighs and then your calves.
I slowly turn you and gently lower you to the bed. I pull your left foot to my mouth and kiss every inch of it and then the right. I kiss my way slowly up your inner thighs, but as I get to your womanhood I just lightly graze my lips across your pubic hair. I work my way up and kiss your entire tummy. I kiss my way to your cleavage straight to your neck. Lavishing kisses on your neck then your face and lightly kissing each eyelid. I then kiss you tenderly wile lightly caressing each breast. I love the sigh that escapes you between kisses.
I move my mouth to your breasts. Kissing and sucking lightly in a spiral to your nipple. I take it in my mouth licking, kissing and sucking. I feel your breathing increase. I move to your other breast repeating the same spiral pattern. You taste amazing. I move back and forth between your two breasts and then press them together and suck both nipples in my mouth at the same time. I could make love to your breasts all night, but I must taste you further.
I trail kisses down to your inner thighs slowly parting them. I lightly trail my tongue from your clitoris down to your opening. I taste the first drops of moisture, you taste so good and I can't help but put my tongue inside you to taste all I can. With my upper lip I caress you clitoris causing you to push against me. I remove my tongue and slowly pull your clitoris into my mouth. I feel you grind against my chin. I want to make you happy, but every time I sense you are about to have your first orgasm I pull away from your clitoris. Plunging my tongue back into you. Lapping up every drop of moisture, then moving back to your clitoris, going back and forth till you beg me to let you release the pressure that has built up. I suck your clitoris while flicking it with my tongue. I feel you start to orgasm, so I put my tongue back in you while massaging your clitoris with my lips, feeling you orgasm on my tongue has me so turned on. When I am sure I have tasted all of your orgasm. I slowly move on top of you and while kissing you deeply I slowly enter you. I feel you wrap around me, you feel so good I have to be careful not to explode right now. I slowly pull almost all the way out and then slowly re-enter you.
I feel another orgasm building up in you, you tighten up around me, your breathing quickens so I speed up the pace. I feel you orgasm on me it is a magnificent feeling. I increase the pace but I am not ready to end this yet so as soon as your orgasm has subsided, I roll you over on you knees kissing your neck. You lower yourself onto your arms and I enter you from behind...Once again a slow pace to build you up to another orgasm. As soon as your orgasm starts, I lower you be flat on your stomach. As your orgasm continues I pick up the pace until I can take it no longer and I orgasm. It is the best I have ever had.
I lower myself on top of you and kiss your back and neck while caressing your arms and hands. You roll over and we cuddle spoon style until we both fall asleep, until I wake up ready for more, You wake up with my tongue on your clitoris...

He begins slowly moving his finger in and out of her, her breath catching in her throat with each thrust of his finger. She is so enraptured by the movements of his fingers in and around her pussy she barely notice his mouth leaving her nipple. He slides his tongue down across her belly until it to reaches her bald mound. He slowly works his tongue around the outer lips of her pussy before stopping on her clit. He slowly and gently flicks his masterful tongue across her clit causing her to moan in pleasure she has never felt before.
He takes her engorged clit into his mouth and begins sucking on it slowly and gently, every once in awhile flicking his tongue over the tip or nibbling on it. Another finger joins the one finger already deep inside her, she has never felt such pleasure before, and begins moaning loudly and passionately. Her body begins to thrash against his mouth and fingers of its own accord as the first feeling of the earth shattering orgasm erupts from deep with in. She arches her back trying to take more of his deliciously talented fingers deep inside herself. A scream of pure ecstasy escapes her lips as the most earth shattering orgasm She has ever experienced consumes her body.
The night was hot and he decided to stop by the local bar and have a drink before going home. As he walked through the door the smell of smoke and the loud music hit him like a wall. He got a drink and began to survey the crowd to see if there was anyone that he might know tonight. Suddenly his eyes spotted the most beautiful woman standing alone in the crowd tapping her feet to the music. Her long slender legs protruding from a tight pair of shorts that ended in a firm and round ass. Her t-shirt was tight and he could see her brown hard nipples through the thin material. He knew that somehow he must speak to her. He moved his way around the dance floor until he was closer to her. She was busy watching the band play and didn't see him approach. He said “Hello, How are you, great band tonight”. As she turned to him her long blonde hair moved off her shoulders and encircled her beautiful smile. “Yes a good night for dancing I think". She said."Then lets dance “ he exclaimed! They started to dance to the heavy beat of the music but suddenly stopped when the song turned to a slow one. Trembling as he touches her soft skin. Her nipples shinning in the moonlight. There kisses long and passionate. Nothing was said between them. As she pressed closer to him he imagined her touching his cock and releasing it from his pants. The music suddenly stops and her soft voice says “I think the music's over are you all right”?
He suddenly realizes that he was only dreaming. A wonderful dream of fantasy and ecstasy. He feels a bit shaky and is sweating and feels a chill. She wipes his brow and says. ‘Lets have a drink you look a little pale“. They sit at the bar and he drinks down a quick whiskey. “What were you thinking about out there on the dance floor” she said? “You may not believe me but I was dreaming of you. That has never happened before. You have a mystical effect on me that I can’t describe” he exclaimed! “I felt it too” she said. After a few drinks he felt renewed and eager to be close to her. As they went outside they could still hear the music beating against the thin walls of the bar. He held her close and they kissed passionately under the moonlight. “When we were dancing I could feel your prick becoming so large rubbing against me what were you thinking about” she said. “I was dreaming of you darling, entwined in your embrace and making passionate love to you” he said. “Then take me I need you to take me” she purred in his ear. They went to the backside of the bar and she slid her pants down. He dropped his pants and pulled his thick member out. He picked her up and pressed her against the bar wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist and with quick jerk he entered her fully. He began to thrust into her sweet mound as she let out a moan. He could hold back his orgasm no longer and his organ shot its full load into her sopping pussy. Pulsing with each stroke until her cunt was full of his hot cum. They held each other close as their passion unwound. She unwrapped her legs from around his waist and he lowered her back onto her shaky legs. They got dressed and decided to go back in for another drink and a dance. Who knows what else the night has in store for them?
The rough walls of the bar behind her were scratching her back but she didn’t care. The music inside was making the walls shake and with every beat she could feel his hot prick stroking her closer and closer to orgasm. Their hearts were beating together wildly and their rhythm was increasing to a fever pitch. Suddenly she arched her back and gripped him tightly with her spread legs. Her breath became rapid and she let out a scream as her orgasm spread through her body right down to her toes. He moaned also.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


I Can't Wait Until He Gets Home!
I can't wait till he gets home! I think to myself, as I leave work, speeding to ensure that I made it home before him. It was our 1-year anniversary and I had a huge surprise for him. I had a home cooked dinner, a couple bottles of our favorite beer and a sexy outfit picked out.
Dinner was simple and elegant and easy to prepare, taking only a ½ hour of my time, which was good since I only had 45 mins till he got home after me. I set the beer by the door, so it would be the 1st thing that he saw when he walked in. A few feet from the beer was a single long stemmed rose, and there was a trail of them that went up the stairs and into our bedroom.
Candles lined the headboard and the window seal and rose petals covered our bed. Dinner was sitting on a tray beside the bed and I was in the bathroom, speed undressing and dressing. I had a simple red lacy outfit, matching thong and tank top, it was super sexy and I knew he would like it. I had just finished strapping on my matching heels when I heard him pull into the driveway. I put a little eye shadow on and crammed my make up bag into the cabinet, and make a wild dash to the bed, as I hear him take a step onto the stairs. I quickly tousled my hair and pull the pillow under my chest and then rest my face on my hands, facing the door.
I had only been in that position for about a second when he opened the bedroom door, looking a bit puzzled, but with a huge grin on his face and looking sexy as always. I pat the bed beside me, wanting him to sit down. He sits down beside me, leaning down to kiss me, sliding his tongue into my mouth. I sit up, as he pulls me close to him, holding me and kissing me, letting me know the silent way that I am his everything. Breaking the kiss, he asks, “So, what is all this Amy?”
“Well Randy, its all for you, for our anniversary. So happy anniversary sweetheart, I love you.”
“I love you too Amy, you are a wonderful wife.”
“Would you like some dinner, I fixed you some, it’s beside the bed” I ask him, motioning to where the tray set.
“Dinner sounds good, but there is something I want even more then that.”
“Oh really….” I ask him coyly. “What would that be?”
“You, of course. You look really good tonight.” Randy tells me, as he drawls me to him again, holding me close to him, kissing me and fondling my ass. A soft moan escapes my lips as he kisses me, making me feel wonderful. I left my hands wonder down his body, to his pants, unbuttoning them and pulling them down, along with his boxers. I pull him against me, feeling his cock grow hard against my leg.
“I want you soo bad Randy, I need you inside me.” I whimper in his ear, sucking on it. “Please, baby, please.”
“Now how can I refuse a request like that?” Randy tells he, as he slides my thong off, tugging at my clit, making me moan loudly and grind against his hand. He rolls over on his back, pulling me on top of him, still rubbing my clit. Lifting up on my ass cheeks, he positions me over his cock, slowly sliding me down on his long hard cock. A long loud squeal escapes my lips as he rams the last couple of inches into me. I place my hands on the bed, supporting myself as he starts to fuck me, hard, slamming his cock in and out of me, making me scream with pleasure.
“Oh God Randy, fuck me harder, oh please” I beg him, as he rubs my clit and slams me.
“Amy, you are such a slut, how can I not fuck you harder?” He tells me, ramming me even harder then before.
Between my moans and gasps of pleasure, I tell him “ Yes, that’s right, I am a slut and I am your slut.” My moans and groans grow louder, as I get closer and closer to climax. As he slams into my again, the head of his cock slides against my g-spot, driving me over the edge. I cum hard. I send my juices all over his cock and legs as he continues to fuck me. I feel his body tighten beneath mine and he lets out a loud moan and buries his hard cock inside me, cumming. I let his stay inside as his cock starts to soften and slip out of me. I lay beside him on the bed, laying my head on his chest and cuddling with him. He kisses me on top of the head, as he strokes my back.
“I love you so much Amy.”
“And I love you too Randy.”

I live in a middle class neighborhood in a small Midwestern town. I graduated high school and I was eighteen. Now for most guys this means more freedom, but not for me. I had very little money and needed to save for college the next fall. I had a job at a local video store but I usually spent the weekends mowing the lawn for my family. This was boring but I didn't mind, since my parents were going to help pay for my college.
Now I have this neighbor who is one of the sexiest women i have ever met. She always told me what a sexy voice I had. I always got an immediate hard on when she said that.
Now one day I noticed she was all alone at home, her husband had left for a long hunting vacation. I had just finished moving some things around the garage for my brother when she popped her head in our garage window. She smiled and asked " Matt will you help me move a cabinet in my bedroom so I can clean around it?" Now whether she knew it or not I could never say no to her. I replied "Sure thing" MY heart raced and I walked over to her house. Now I entered her door and my eyes followed her sexy body. She was a rock solid woman who had the body of a goddess. She was wearing cut off shorts that left very little to my horny imagination. My eyes scanned farther up her body leaving behind her round and firm butt, and I saw that she was wearing a cut off shirt that barely covered her ample breasts. She walked me into her bedroom and We both lifted the cabinet and she asked me to stay until she was finished. This didn't seem strange since she would have to move it back anyway. So I sat down and watched her bend over and sway her butt in the air as she vacuumed and dusted. My eyes were glued to her ass. She caught me and only smiled. After that I tried not to look, but when I did I noticed that her ass was moving even faster. My cock started to stir in my pants. When she was finished I moved the cabinet back and started to head for the door when she asked "Matt where are you going?"

Then she began, "Matt I know your eighteen and I know that you are a normal young man. I'm a woman and I am normal too. We both have impulses, and I see the way you look at me." I was shocked, the words came out of her mouth so fast I just sat there. She moved her hand up my thigh and I reacted by sliding my hand on her round ass. She moaned lightly and kissed me passionately. Our tongues slid across each other as they explored our mouths. My hand undid my pants and slid them off as she slid her tight jeans off. Her hands moved down my chest and started to massage my thighs and moving towards my now hard cock. She took my cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. Her tongue slid up and down my cock making my shudder each time.
Next I slide her bra off as my tongue slid around her already hard nipples. She moaned loudly as my other hand kneaded her breasts. I slid my hands down into her wet panties. She moaned but then said "Save that hot pussy for your cock. I don't need your fingers baby, your big hot cock is enough for me. I need your strong dick in me, fuck me like I know you can."